Week 1 - Introduction to XNA

Finished Project: Week1.zip


  • There were too many people (25) attending for the computers we had, so subsequent weeks we will be in Old Main 406 (right across the hall from 407).
  • Introduced myself - I'm Jared Robertson
    • 2nd year Master's Student at USU
    • Took CS 5410 Game Development 2 years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it.
    • 2nd time doing this workshop
    • Very passionate about game programming
  • Showed the SIGXNA website (this website) - one thing to note is the outline for the semester (back one page). Each week I'll try to include as much information about what we did. That way if you miss a week you'll be able to quickly catch up.
  • Asked how many people had C# programming experience - about half raised their hands.
    • For those with no C# experience let me reiterate that No C# experience is required. Most of what we will do will be exactly the same as C++/Java and if there is something we will do that is new in C#, I'll go over it.
    • Also asked how many people had C++/Java experience and everyone (I think) raised their hands.
  • Showed I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES!!!1 clip. This game is simple, but very creative. In the next 3 weeks, you'll know everything you need to make a game like this.
  • Gave a small introduction of XNA
    • Framework for programming games for the computer, XBox 360, and Zune.
    • Runs on C# only.
  • Didn't go over installing C# and XNA. If you want to do this, here is a tutorial for downloading and installing it.

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