SIGXNA Spring 2009

Here are the finished products of each week

Date Final Project Description
Jan 21, 2009 Covered installing, compiling, and running an XNA game. Also covered drawing 2D objects and text.
Jan 28, 2009 Covered Lots of sprite effects: tinting, fading, animating, rotating, resizing, and layering.
Feb 4, 2009 Covered keyboard input and basic audio: loading and running background music, sound effects, and looping sound effects.
Feb 11, 2009 2D particle effects, additive blending
Feb 18, 2009 None! 3D model content creation using Wings3D - texture.png is the texture we used
Feb 25, 2009 3D basics - Matrices, importing a model, displaying it on screen, applying transformations
Mar 18, 2009 Lighting, Fog, Mesh-By-Mesh Animation
Mar 25, 2009 Advanced ship and camera rotation using quaternions, camera delay, changing the camera's viewport
Apr 1, 2009 Viewports
Apr 8, 2009 Custom Content Pipeline Extension
Apr 15, 2009 Render scenes to a texture

All projects are for XNA 3.0

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