Participating at a Distance

For those of you who want to participate but aren't in Logan and can't make it, There are two ways you can still participate.

  • I will be hosting a video conference call using Skype.
          • Download and install the latest version of Skype or update to the latest version.
          • Verify that you can receive incoming sound. If you want to ask questions or make comments during the meeting you will need a microphone.
          • Add me to your contacts: "jared.robertson". When adding me, there is a "message to introduce self" thing, mention it's for SIGXNA and I'll confirm you.
          • Around 7:00 I'll call you.
          • Please keep your side muted unless you are asking me a question or making a comment.
          • I've never done a video conference call on Skype before but I'm going to test it out later today to make sure things are working properly. If I can't get it working, I'll still have a non-video conference call and will refer you to tutorials we are going over.
  • I will be recording the presentation and will have it available after class. Because of the constraints of the hosting website, I won't be able to have them download from here, but I'll come up with something. I forgot to do this the first week but I'll try to remember subsequent weeks.

If you have questions, feel free to email me.


Update 10/14/2009
I discovered last week that Skype doesn't allow video conferencing for more than 2 people. Since last week I have gotten a couple of people asking to be part of the video conference call. I looked into a solution for this and found a site called mebeam that I will be using for the video and will still be using Skype for the audio. When I call everyone on Skype I'll post a link. Just paste it in your browser and it should take you to the video conference. I still don't know if it's going to work, but again please have patience as I figure this out.

Update 10/28/2009
In the weeks I have presented, we have only had one person each night actually phone in, so for now I will just stick to skype. I'm not going to try to put the video presentation online either because it's a time consuming process and I don't think it will be very useful for anybody (most of the video is me talking and you can't even see the monitor well). I do have detailed outlines of what we covered each week and will continue to make those for anyone who has missed a week.

Update 1/26/2010
Last semester I really tried to make it as accessible for those who can't make it to the main campus. However, I was never able to find a good way to do it that wouldn't detract from the overall learning experience. I have a webcam and skype so if one person wants to call in they can participate. I also try to keep the weeks updated with tutorials covering everything from that week.
If you are off campus and would like to participate, send me an email and I can send you more information on what to do the day of the meeting.

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