(Special Interest Group for XNA)


The XNA Special Interest Group is for anyone who has an interest in making games. This school year it will be specifically catered to those students who plan on taking CS 5890 - Game Development in the spring. However, anyone who has a basic understanding of programming (completed CS1410 is preferred but not required) and is passionate about game development is welcome. We will be using C# and XNA. If you are unfamiliar with these, don't worry, we'll go over everything starting with the installation and will dissect every class and method XNA provides.

Advantages of attending the Special Interest Group:

  • Learn to program games
  • Get to know other students who are passionate about game development
  • Learn about important topics that will not be covered in the Game Development class
  • Highly recommended by Dean Mathias (the Game Development instructor)

Wednesday nights at 7:00pm
Old Main 407

Week Date Time Location Activity Description
Week 1 27 Jan 2010 7:00 PM Old Main 407 Advanced Input Description
Week 2 3 Feb 2010 7:00 PM Old Main 407 Particle Effects Description
10 Feb 2010 Cancelled
Week 3 17 Feb 2010 7:00 PM Old Main 407 Collision Detection, Physics Description
Week 4 24 Feb 2010 7:00 PM Old Main 407 Animation Effects Description
Week 5 3 Mar 2010 7:00 PM Old Main 407 3D Modeling Description
Week 6 10 Mar 2010 7:00 PM Old Main 407 Introduction to 3D Programming Description
17 Mar 2010 Spring Break!!!
Week 7 24 Mar 2010 7:00 PM Old Main 407 3D Lighting using BasicEffect class Description
Week 8 31 Mar 2010 7:00 PM Old Main 407 Rendering to a Texture Description

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