SIGWeb is a special interest group about web programming that we're considering running this year in the ACM. We would consider going through a broad variety of topics related to web-based development including:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • AJAX
  • XML
  • RSS
  • MySQL?

That covers the topics that I know, and there is quite a bit involved with all of that, but if someone else is willing to help me go through it, and they know other stuff, we can go through that as well. In particular, I'd like to see some ASPX stuff.

It also might be a good idea to look at some free content creation tools, like these:

  • Inkscape
  • Paint.NET
  • GIMP

And we probably want to talk about how to get set up with your own website. Like how to register a domain name, how to find a web host for your files, and how to set up your own server, etc.

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