Special Interest Groups

About Special Interest Groups

One of the goals of the ACM is to provide you with opportunities to explore areas of computer science that you are interested in. The special interest group program is one of the ways that we are accomplishing this goal. A special interest group (SIG) is a group of students who meet together to do something with a particular topic in the field of computer science. Special interest groups are backed and supported by the ACM student club. SIG meetings and activities are ACM activities. Additionally, SIGs may qualify for funds from the ACM for things like purchasing refreshments for activities.

We are still working out the process of what a person needs to do to create a new SIG, but if you are interested in creating your own, let us know! We encourage people to form their own SIG in any field they are interested in.

Current Special Interest Groups

Below is a list of the SIGs that have been organized. If the SIG has a page on this site, the link is below. When you have created a special interest group, feel free to create a page on this website, and add it to this list.

8 Hour Games
SIGXNA - The XNA Special Interest Group

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