SIGMA Event - March 2009

9:00 AM

We've only gotten started, but here's a really early screenshot.


10:00 AM

We're working on menus, getting more models, some collision detection and letting the player fly the ship.


In March, we have decided that we're going to make a game similar to TIE Fighter, which was a space combat simulator, based in the Star Wars universe, created about 15 years ago. I think we want to avoid using the Star Wars stuff, and just use our own. Below I've listed the major components of the game. If we accomplish the stuff below, even at a basic level, we'll have a pretty impressive game, and, honestly, I'll be pretty surprised. But depending on the number of people that we have, we may be able to accomplish it.

I'm creating this page to outline some possible things for people to work on. These things should get us a basic functional game, but we are not limited to this by any means.

Lots of 3D models

We'll need quite a few 3D models for our game, so anyone who wants to work on making 3D models can. Any type of model that you want to create, we'll find a way to put in the game.

GameState and Ship Classes

This will probably be the first step to the game. The GameState class will store the entire game state, and the ship class will be the basic data structure for any ship in the game

Basic Physics/Movement

The ship movement should probably be Quaternion based.

Player Input

Probably the most useful controls will be an Xbox game pad. But at the same time, if someone wants to make a keyboard or mouse input, that would be useful too. We'll want to make the player input an abstract class or interface, with implementations for the Xbox and keyboard.


A skybox will be a nice addition to the game.

Collision Detection

This will be an important component of the game or it won't be very interesting. We can start off with bounding spheres, but we'll want to improve on this if we have time.

Ship Design

At a basic level, we just need some ships that can move around. Ideally, different ships would have multiple guns or other important components, like missile launchers, shields, engines, etc. By the way, TIE Fighter had four levels of projectile weapons: missiles, torpedoes, rockets, and bombs. Each kind worked the same, except they varied in projectile speed and damage on impact. Additionally, ships had laser cannons that had an unlimited number of rounds, but required energy, and if you fired too much, the energy level would drop and you would have to wait to fire again. I'm not too worried about replicating this or anything like this, but it would still be cool. On capital ships (the big ones) you could deal damage to each of these special components and destroy them, weakening the ship. This would be pretty cool to do too. Ships usually had three measurements of health, which were Hull (the actual strength of the ship), Shields (a protective barrier around the ship that would recharge over time), and Systems (which would repair over time as well, and which can be damaged with an ion cannon. When systems are damaged, parts of the ship won't work for a while, like engines or weapons.) Additionally, when the hull is damaged, some systems are damaged and never get repaired. (Or maybe it just took a long time to repair… I forget now.)


This will be another challenging part of the game. We can start off with basic tasks, like "face toward target", and "move forward", but we can add in more advanced abilities if we have time. In all reality, it would just be nice to have enemies that can actually shoot at you.

Music and SFX

It would be ideal if everything we had could be completely new and made by us, but I don't think that's going to happen with sound. If we have time, we'll definitely want to find some free sound effects online. Free music is much harder to come by. I have some music that is royalty free that I think might be perfect for this game that you guys can take a look at. That means if we ever wanted to sell the game, we'd have to pay a one time fee, or replace the music, but finding free music that is good is nearly impossible. Of course, I'm not particularly attached to the music that I'm bringing, so if someone has something else, that will probably be fine too. We'll want someone to develop an audio engine for this project too.


So far, both of our other games haven't had a menu system. It would be nice to see that in this game, but like before, it may not be the most important thing to work on. But if someone wants to, feel free to do it.


It would be really cool if we could come up with a system where there were different levels or missions for the player to do. This would require implementing certain win/loss conditions, as well as perhaps a simple event system, but it would be cool to see.

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