Minutes - 31 August 2009

Date: 31 August 2009
Time: 12:30 PM
Location: Old Main 419 (Student Lounge)

Facilitator: RB Whitaker
Note Taker: RB Whitaker
Timekeeper: TBD

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Agenda Items

Follow Up From Last Week

ACM/ACMW Opening Social

  • Three major things to take care of: advertising, games, and food
  • Discussed several food options:
  • Different people have been assigned to get an estimate of how much food from the place would cost. See Assignments below.
  • Currently planning on having it at 6:00 PM on September 16th at Adam's Park (500 N 500 E)
  • Games and advertising will be discussed next week, but we are thinking of doing a game that is easy to participate in (you can just sit there) like some version of Bingo.


  • Still no date set for our region.
  • Before deciding on a course of action, we will send out an email and see how many people we have that might be interested.

Special Interest Groups

  • Last year we had three.
  • Jared is starting the XNA special interest group this Wednesday at 6:00 PM. It will have a lecture/hands-on-programming format, and they will meet in the lab.
  • RB will be starting the SIGMA special interest group in the month of September. No date is selected yet.
  • RB wants to do the Java SIG, but would like some help managing it and teaching it on some weeks.
  • Anyone else (officers and others) are welcome to start their own special interest group.


Everyone: Try to come up with ideas for games, or how we might pull of Bingo. Fill out the WhenIsGood website email when it comes so we can determine a time that works for everyone.
RB: Pricing information for pitas for 60 people. Send out email about ICPC to see how many people are interested.
Jared: Pricing information for Pounders for 60 people
Kyle: Pricing information for Aggie Ice Cream for 60 people
Eliot: Pricing information for USU dining services for 60 people

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