Minutes - 26 August 2009

Date: 26 August 2009
Time: 5:00 PM
Location: Old Main 419 (Student Lounge)

Facilitator: RB Whitaker
Note Taker: TBD
Timekeeper: TBD

Please read:
Please bring:

Agenda Items


  • Introductions were brief as we had almost the same people as last week.

Discussion on president

  • Briefly discussed the issue of not currently having a president, and that RB is willing to fill that role.

ACM Goals and Objectives for the Year

  • Discussed our Mission Statement, Goals, and Objectives
  • Everyone agreed to the goals as listed
  • Goals and Objectives not set in stone, and we will discuss and review as needed throughout the year.

ACM/ACMW Popcorn Machine

  • The ACMW president was in the room during our meeting, though she was not officially part of the meeting, she added a few insightful comments.
  • The ACMW has already purchased the popcorn machine with their money from selling books.
  • As of right now (and the plan for the future) the ACM will not be charged for it.
  • The ACMW will be leading the activity stuff with the popcorn machine, with support from us. Note that this is different than our discussion last week, where the ACM would be running the activity on most weeks.
  • We will still need to coordinate the details with the ACMW at an unspecified time in the near future.

ACM/ACMW Opening Social

  • The ACMW still wants to do the opening social.
  • The ACMW president said that we could make plans and let them know what we would like them to do.
  • We have tentatively picked the 16th of September as the date for the opening social.
  • Would it be better to do it on-campus? Adam's Park might be too far away for a number of people who would otherwise go.

ICPC (Programming Competition)

  • ICPC usually happens at the end of October, though for our region the date hasn't been picked yet.
  • For us, the competition would be happening at UVU (UVSC)
  • Can cost upwards of $300 per team, so it is quite expensive
  • Three possibilities to limit the costs:
    • The first team signed up gets to go for free (first come, first served basis)
    • Organize our own competition among interested teams and pay for the winning team to go, possibly pay for runner up(s)'s entance fees.
    • Don't even go to the competition, and possibly take some of the money that we would have spent and have our own competition with prizes within the university.

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