Goals & Objectives


The ACM's goals for the 2008-2009 school year are:

  • Help students become better computer scientists
  • Provide opportunities for students to explore their interests
  • Reinforce the knowledge that students gain in coursework
  • Give students opportunities to apply computer science outside of standard coursework
  • Provide service to the community
  • Give students opportunities to have fun


To accomplish these goals, we have created the following objectives:

  • Create and maintain a website that enables students to:
    • Share ideas and information
    • Collaborate on projects
    • Ask and answer questions
    • Find information pertaining to club events, activities, and news
  • Create and run a series of Special Interest Groups that perform the following functions:
    • Provide opportunities for leadership
    • Allow students to share information with each other
    • Give students an opportunity to learn about things for which there is no relevant courses
  • Provide opportunities for students to attent computer science competitions
  • Provide regular activities, not associated with any SIG, that allow students to develop their talents, share their knowledge, and have fun.
  • Perform at least one service project per semester (or possibly one larger service project for the whole year).
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