Elections for the 2009-2010 School Year

Note that the deadlines have been pushed back a week, because we didn't send out an email.

Why be an Officer?

RB Whitaker, ACM Secretary 2008-2009

The ACM is dedicated to helping students be as prepared for the job market as possible, and to helping them become the best computer scientists possible. Being an officer is an excellent way to accomplish both of these, both for yourself, and for others around you.

It looks impressive on a resume. At all three of the job interviews that I had, they had seen my involvement with the ACM over two years, and were all quite impressed. It shows that you are a leader, an organizer, and that you care about your education, and that you are willing to help others excel as well.

It is a lot of fun. Being involved in all of these activities and getting to know the students around you better, as well as the faculty. Over the last two years, we as officers have had a lot of fun running all of the activities that we do, and we've made lifelong friends with many other officers and other students in the department.

If you would like more information, please contact RB Whitaker at this address: moc.ansis|38rekatihwbr#moc.ansis|38rekatihwbr.

Steena Monteiro, ACM President 2008-2009

The ACM helped me evolve professionally and personally; it was an awesome experience! It was an excellent opportunity for me to use skills that I already had to organize, coordinate, and lead activities several times during the year. It was great working with all the other ACM officers and it was a whole lot of fun because they're all excellent people each outstanding in their own way. I enjoyed and looked forward to every single meeting that we've had. Because of the merry band of ACM officers that we are, we never had a dull moment at any of our meetings! I met several people at the ACM events, who've eventually become my friends and I'm sure I'm going to be friends for a every long time with several of the current ACM officers :-)

At every internship interview that I've had thus far, I've been asked about the ACM and my contribution as President. Joining the ACM and assuming a leadership position makes your resume stand out and say that you've got more than what it takes to get that job! It is an indication of initiative and proaction, both of which are qualities employers look for. I've enjoyed being President for the past school year and will most certainly always be a part of the ACM in some way or another through my PhD degree here at USU.

In case you have any questions about the ACM, officer responsibilities, ACM activities, special interest groups, please feel free to email me at: ude.usu.liameigga|m.aneets#ude.usu.liameigga|m.aneets

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