Duties Of Officers

The Constitution for this club that was required by Utah State University, indicates which officers this club should have. However, it gives no indication about what each officer is supposed to do. Below we have created a list of the duties and responsibilities of each of the various offices in this organization.

General Organization

This club has seven standard offices, with the ability to create additional offices and committees as needed. Anyone who wants to have a position of responsibility in the club will almost certainly be able to find one. Each of the standard officer's responsibilities are listed below. However, the leadership of the club should be organized in such a way that everyone is able to express their ideas and opinions, and in many instances can be treated as one single leadership committee, where each officer is a member of the committee and has an equal say in the discussion.

The club also functions under the direction of Utah State University, the Department of Computer Science, and also has associations with the real-world ACM organization. As such, the club's leadership will also need to comply with, and coordinate with these organizations, including the University's CSCO leadership, our faculty advisor, Dr. Robert Erbacher, the Computer Science Department Head, Dr. Don Cooley, and other faculty members as needed.


  • Planning for meetings
  • Running meetings
  • Coordinating with the University, the Computer Science Department, and the ACM, or delegating as needed
  • Attending monthly training meetings as scheduled by the University

Vice President

  • Co-ordinate with the President and the other ACM officers and members
  • Interface and network during the ACM activities


  • Be responsible for tracking ACM finances and the necessary financial documents


  • Maintain minutes of every meeting

Activities Coordinator


Workshop Coordinator


Fund Raising Coordinator


Note that this list of individual responsibilities is not all-inclusive or mutually exclusive. Officers and members are both encouraged to contribute ideas and efforts during the course of the school year.

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