Tentative Agenda - 26 August 2009

Date: 26 August 2009
Time: 5:00 PM
Location: Old Main 419 (Student Lounge)

Facilitator: RB Whitaker
Note Taker: TBD
Timekeeper: TBD

Please read:
Please bring:

Agenda Items

Topic Presenter Time allotted
Introductions RB Whitaker 5
Discussion on president RB Whitaker 5
ACM Goals/Objectives for year RB Whitaker 15
Discussion on popcorn machine RB Whitaker 10
Discussion on opening social RB Whitaker 10
Discussion on ICPC RB Whitaker 10


  • As a part of the Goals and Objectives, we will talk about Special Interest Groups.
  • If someone wants to take responsibility for any of the three discussion topics at the end, feel free to put your name in.
  • Feel free to edit this agenda, as it is still tentative.

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