Goals and Objectives

Mission Statement

The ACM is dedicated to helping students be better prepared for a career in the computer science industry by providing them with opportunities to broaden their knowledge, apply skill, explore interests, form friendships, and enjoy their time at Utah State.


  • Prepare computer science students for careers in the field.
  • Give students the opportunity to explore areas that interest them, and expand their knowledge.
  • Get students at all levels involved, from freshmen to graduate students.
  • Establish connectiosn with industry companies, both local companies, and leading companies worldwide to help students find positions of interest in the field, and help potential employers find talented computer scientists at Utah State.
  • Provide an environment where students can learn from each other, make friends, and get to know the faculty better.
  • Work with the ACMW, the FSLC, and the department as a whole.


  • Administrative
    • Weekly (or bi-weekly) leadership meetings to ensure continued forward progress
    • Rewrite and update the ACM constitution that CSCO has on record
    • Become an official student chapter of the ACM worldwide organization
    • Establish a mailing list of interested students as well as a list of members of the ACM
  • The Budget
    • Remain deficit neutral for the year
    • Limit spending on some of our more expensive events like the ICPC
    • Plan and execute a successful fundraiser for the year
  • Activities and Events
    • Expand the growing SIG program
    • One service project per semester
    • Additional activities every month outside of SIGs, including both educational and entertainment activities
  • The ACM Website
    • List of upcoming events
    • Reports on previous events
    • Pages for current classes
    • CS Wiki/Forum?
    • End user agreement?
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